The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sled Boarding

More snow. More snow fun.

After watching The Boy jump up and down on my snow board, I figured I'd start him off standing on his sled first.

He got in three tries. Took me three months before I got the hang of snowboarding. He's only three and a half years old and he's already kicking my ass!

I'm gonna put him in ski lessons though. Hah, that'll show him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Fun

Miscellaneous shots from December.

He loves his long underwear. Maybe a little too much.

Chasing me down the hill.

First time skating was a huge success.

Last day good day before the melt.

The Sooner They Talk

The sooner they talk back.

The Boy: I want cherry tomatoes and cookies for dinner.

Me: You can have cherry tomatoes, but no cookies.

TB: I WANT a cookie.

Me: After dinner. Not for dinner.

TB: I've got news for you Dad (inching closer to the cookie jar), I AM having a cookie.
That's an advanced phrase. I almost gave him a cookie just for saying. But if you're wondering, no, he didn't get cookies for dinner.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yakkety Yak

Over the holidays, The Boy's English language skills got noticeably better. We didn't do anything different. In fact I think I spoke more Chinese to him the past two weeks than I have the past two months.

Still he speaks better than some adults I know. Can't say I always like it though.

Me: Can I put you to bed tonight?

The Boy: No. I want Mommy.

Me: Dad's a good guy.

TB: No. Mommy will put me to bed.

Me: But I like reading to you.

TB: Mommy will read to me. And you can watch hockey. Then I'm happy, Mommy's happy and you're happy.

Where did Mr. Smart-Ass learn to talk like that?

Truth be told, The Boy has always preferred P over me when it comes to bedtime. At first it hurt my feelings, until I finally figured out why: I fall asleep while reading to him.

I try my hardest to stay awake, but damn those toddler books are boring. The concept of "Mr. Brown Can Moo" seems great, but have you ever tried to read it?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Blackmail Fodder

The Boy and his friend Henry. They get along great. Usually their playdates end with a hug and kiss (or tears, but that's another story).

I finally managed to get a picture of it!

Doesn't matter if he grows up to be straight or gay, this is going to come back and haunt him one day.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'll Never Get Tired Of This

I'm downstairs listening to The Boy sing Christmas carols while pooping on the toilet. It's been over six months but I'm still thankful he's potty trained! As I mentioned our goal this year is to get him to use the toilet exclusively. Up until now he's been living every man's dream - crapping in the living room and watching TV.

Day one, success.