The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are we excited yet?

People kept asking us that, and I'd have to say that really we weren't, probably because we didn't know what to be excited about; it's all new territory for us. But now that Patty is in early labour I have to admit we're little more charged up. There is a chance that the treatment won't take and will have to be repeated, but so far things seem to be working.

We went and had lunch at Stella's on Commercial Drive, likely Patty's last good meal for the next few days. If you've never been to Stella's - highly recommended. Belgium themed tapas bar. Our Dutch friend William calls Belgium the "Newfoundland of Europe" - you can figure that one out for yourself.

Patty is napping right now, and I'm downstairs putzing around. Is it too early to start drinking?