The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Thursday, August 25, 2005

First Week Report

Harris has been home for a whole week now, and so far so good. He's tons of fun, well he's not 'interactive fun' but we pretend. He's becoming quite the gourmet, spending hours at his favourite table at "Chez Patty". He feeds for hours at a time and then sleeps for 4-5 hours.

While this pattern means good sleeps, it gets pretty hard on Patty. Basically every time Harris is hungry she gets stuck behind a pillow fort for hours. She's exhausted, and tired of me attacking her with toy army men. Forts are meant to be attacked aren't they? So right now we are managing to get decent rest at night, but tomorrow's a new day so it can all change.

Otherwise Harris is doing really well. He got back to his birth weight right on schedule and the touch of jaundice he had is gone. As I mentioned he's eating, and performing all the correct bodily functions. Like all caesarian babies he's got a lot of body hair (more than me!), but that should disappear over the next few weeks. Maybe I'll have to wax him, even on a baby who likes a hairy back?

We are getting really good at doing things with one hand while holding him with the other. From simple things like turning on the lights (okay I'll admit that never really was a two-handed operation) to more complex things like typing and wrapping a receiving blanket, it's really surprising how well we've adapted. The cats, Orange Cat and Foot Foot, have no interest in him at all. If he can't feed, water or clean their litter he's a nobody to them. They just sniff him and walk away. It's a relief really, I've heard stories of jealous pets and new babies -"When Good Pets Go Bad".