The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Friday, August 19, 2005

It Comes Naturally

Before Harris was born I remarked to a colleague that as soon as we get home with the baby we're going to have a "Now What?!?" moment.

"As soon as your baby's born, you'll just instinctively know what to do." was his advice.

You mean:
>Don't feed him poison.
Check. Already knew that.

>Change his diaper when dirty.
Yes. Read that somewhere.

>Sunday Morning breakfast for him should not consist of pancakes.
He's definitely on Atkins till he's older.

>Brushing his hair too often will give him split ends.

But those things are obvious, I was getting really worked up over this.

In the end he was right, you do just 'know what to do'. Newborns basically do four things; eat, sleep, poo and burp. Of course there are variations to this theme, but really boils down to those four. So yeah, put the parenting books away for now, you really do just become parents.

Oh there will be times we'll need parenting advice - teething, toilet training, why Michael Flatly, Lord of the Dance is an idiot - we'll just tackle those as they come.