The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Standard of Excellence

I've commented before about how once you become a parent you discover all the things you never knew you could do one-handed. Carrying a babe in one arm you're relegated to doing everything else with the other. One handed typing (like I'm doing now), cooking, eating, housework - it's all possible. Last Sunday, I raised the bar.

The three of us were out for a relaxing mid-day brunch. Before leaving I thought I should change The Boy's diaper; it had been a few hours and we still had some errands to run. I head off to the Men's room, "Hmph no change table." Undaunted I duck into a stall for an impromptu toilet top changing - any port in a storm and besides it seemed cleaner than the floor. The Boy didn't care, he was having a great time on top of the toilet, laughing and flailing about. In fact he was having so much fun I started getting worried the other Men's room patrons, not realizing I was changing a baby, would think I let out high pitch squeals while I relieve myself. "Yeah I'm okay in here, just uh... concentrating."

Squealing aside I get The Boy changed, dressed and ready to go. I'm just about to step out of the stall when those cups of coffee over brunch catch up with me. What to do? Should I run down the stairs, navigate the crowd, hand The Boy to P and run back up the stairs to pee? Seems like a lot of work.

So while holding The Boy in one arm I manage to unhitch myself, take a slash, hitch back up, flush the toilet and wash my hands, all without spilling a drop. Now that's a new personal best!