The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Boy turned four-years old today. This is the first birthday where he truly understands it’s a special day, and he’s super excited. Although the day got off to a rocky start.

P and I made cupcakes to take to his daycare.

The Boy: Dad, will you come to my cupcake party?

Me: I can’t, sorry. I have to work.

TB: [tears welling up] Mom, can you come to my cupcake party?

P: I’m sorry honey. Mom and Dad have to work. But all your friends will be there.

Fortunately he manages to hold back the tears, but seems genuinely sad. “He’ll get over it.” P says as she leaves.

We all those memory nuggets from our childhood that stand out. Events big and small that for no apparent reason stick with us forever – I hope this isn’t one of those memories for The Boy, “Hmmm… it would be a shame to commit Dad to an old folks home, but he did miss my 4th-birthday cupcake party…”

Yeah, he won’t remember the bike we’re giving him tonight, or the big-ass party we threw him last Saturday. He’s going to stick me in a home because I didn’t break-cake with him today. Great.

Happy Birthday Son! Let’s talk before I write you out of my will.