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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas - Good Time to Clean the Grease Trap

We're up in Prince George for Christmas. Despite the usual anxiety associated with visiting the parents (either set) P and I do love the free baby sitting that comes along with it. It's truly win-win, our parents get 100% Boy time, and we get a break. So every visit we carve out some time for ourselves; this time was no exception.

This afternoon, after a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping we found ourselves at Mr. Jake's House of Steak, again (our third visit). One could argue the choices in downtown Prince George are limited, and they'd be right. But no, we actually kind of like Mr, Jake's.

It's grimy, greasy, and questionably prepared, but also friendly, authentic and fully licensed. And while I doubt their guarantee "the quality of our food to be the very best at prices beyond comparison anywhere in BC", it's edible.

Potato salad, served by the ice-cream scoop

The Jake Caesar

P tucks into her Caesar

20 minutes later the Original Jake Burger

I had a Chicken Burger

Prices have gone up over the years. Today's meal set us back $28

We'll be back