The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can We Come Out And Play?

Last week Dread Pirate Robert and the Diaper Dame managed to have a baby-free night of musical fun and frolic, catching four bands play at Richards on Richards. When the boy was born I pretty much stopped perusing the concert listings, residing myself to the fact that Patty and I wouldn't be seeing any live music, or doing anything without Harris, for a while.

Tonight one of our favourite bands are in town, The Dandy Warhols. They don't come around very often, and who knows when they'll be back. The show was announced weeks ago and I just wasn't paying attention. The same thing happened when Eels came in the summer. You'd think I'd learn my lesson then, but everyday I have a chance to look at the concert listings and everyday I choose to ignore them.

What are we, dead?

I guess when you're first-time parents you brace yourself a life of baby, baby, baby and nuthin' but baby. Now we know better. If we really want to do something together without the boy, it takes a bit of effort and arranging, but it is totally possible. Yeah, I think I'm going to start reading those concert listings again.