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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Three Steps Back

Happily is looks like The Boy's recent round of teething has ended. It was a gruelling few weeks, with plenty of cranky fits, middle-of-the-night crying and lots of Baby Tylenol. His teething pain always seems its worst in the middle of the night. Why can't the pain peak around say, noon, when both P and/or I are both reasonably awake?

Several nights the pain was so bad even the Baby Tylenol couldn't relieve it. On those nights we'd also have to calm him down and comfort him; and what's more comforting than mommy's boob? The downside is that this has gotten The Boy back into the habit of expecting a middle of the night feeding. After several months of more or less sleeping through the night -- latest teething excluded -- he's regressed back to a six-month old. Around 2:00 AM every night this week he stands up in his crib and just bawls until one of us comes in - and that person is me.

Sending P in is no help, he wants to nurse, seeing her makes him cry harder. So I'm the one who's got to break this habit, again. It's late so not a lot of words are exchanged, more of a mental conversation:

The Boy: On no, it's you!

Me: That's right kid, it's me. So put a sock in it and get back to sleep.

TB: Screw you Dad, I'm gonna make you pay for this.

And so I spend some time "hugging" him in his crib while sleepless memories come flooding back.

This is proving to be a harder habit to break than smoking (albeit healthier). At least smokers can use a patch to kick the habit. The Boy has to go Cold Turkey.