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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bonjour du Québec Pt. Deux

We're in the old downtown area of Quebec City on the hunt for a toque (that's a wool cap to you Americans). We packed for our trip amongst the warm fall temperatures of the West Coast. Out in Eastern Canada it's starting to get freaking cold and The Boy's poor little head is all exposed.

The old downtown area is a huge tourist draw, so the place is full of souvenir shops. Toque-O-Rama right? Wrong! Surprisingly a toque is really hard to find here. We resided to find one that had some sort of kitschy tourist phrase on it - as long as The Boy's head was warm, anything would do, but even those were no where to be found.

Eventually we found one in the lobby of the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac of all places. I was choked that we were shopping in the most expensive hotel in the whole city, not exactly the sort of a place you would expect to find lot of good deals. But in the end, after I got over the price, I must admit the toque P picked out is super cute. Makes The Boy look sort of street tough, if not for the little red car stitched into the front.

Lesson to be learned here is, don't visit Quebec City in the winter unless you pack your own hat, because you won't find one for sale anywhere. Interestingly, there is a predominance of chug-a-lug beer drinking helmets for sale here, some even proudly emblazoned with QUEBEC along the rim. I guess if you're the type of person to travel all the way to Quebec just to pound back the brewskies, you need to be reminded of where you visited.

P and I did consider buying The Boy a drinking helmet. Maybe we could stick a sippy-cup on each side and speed up his meals; still wouldn't keep his head warm though.