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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Future of Daycare

Ask any parent in Vancouver about daycare/preschool and their shoulders will slump. Then they'll sigh heavily before launching into their story of waitlists, lotteries and catchment areas. The shortage of daycare/preschool spaces is a huge problem around here.

But we're one of the lucky ones. Last week we were offered a space at one of the newer daycares in the city. It's a bit of the drive to get there, but at least we have something.

It's a little cramped, but The Boy doesn't seem to really mind. He complains about it, but don't all kids whine about going to daycare?

In addition to one hour of "exercise time" each day, the kids do a lot of arts and crafts. Making license plates mostly, but once in a while he comes home with a macaroni picture.