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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yakkety Yak

Over the holidays, The Boy's English language skills got noticeably better. We didn't do anything different. In fact I think I spoke more Chinese to him the past two weeks than I have the past two months.

Still he speaks better than some adults I know. Can't say I always like it though.

Me: Can I put you to bed tonight?

The Boy: No. I want Mommy.

Me: Dad's a good guy.

TB: No. Mommy will put me to bed.

Me: But I like reading to you.

TB: Mommy will read to me. And you can watch hockey. Then I'm happy, Mommy's happy and you're happy.

Where did Mr. Smart-Ass learn to talk like that?

Truth be told, The Boy has always preferred P over me when it comes to bedtime. At first it hurt my feelings, until I finally figured out why: I fall asleep while reading to him.

I try my hardest to stay awake, but damn those toddler books are boring. The concept of "Mr. Brown Can Moo" seems great, but have you ever tried to read it?