The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Meet The Other Kids

Right up till the moment we left for the hospital our two cats were the center of attention, and we gave them lots of it. Now that Harris is on the scene they've taken a backseat. Initially they had trouble adjusting - extra hard rubbing, increased playfulness, disturbingly well placed vomit - but now they've accepted Harris as part of the family; although I think they're plotting something. And we've gotten our baby-groove on too, so we're spending time with them again.

Orange Cat - 14 years old
Orange Cat has got bags of personality, adaptable and I'm confident possesses cognitive thinking - I've actually watched her use a doorknob to open a door. Really couldn't care less we brought a cherub home to stay. As long as she's fed, litter box cleaned and gets stroked now and then she's happy.

Foot Foot - 12 years old
Foot Foot is uber-cute, kittenesque but otherwise she's pretty much an idiot. While she never showed any aggression, she ran every time Harris was around. She's starting to come over to the Harris-side, but still choked at sharing the lime-light.