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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Web Way of Life

Great post by Laid-off-Dad on how he's going Google his son's preschool classmates...
... my wife came into the room beaming ear to ear and holding a sheet of paper--a list of the names and addresses of the parents of Robert's preschool classmates. We looked at each other, knowing our task was clear:

"Let the Googling begin!"

You know, just in case any of my son's new friends are being raised by freaks.

My own co-workers chipped in an got Harris probably our most inspired baby gift - his very own Internet Domain

We haven't figured what to do with it yet. So we might just park it until he is old enough to build his own slice of cyberspace (right now his make-a-fist-and-slam-onto-keyboard style of typing isn't conducive with good web programming) or...?

Open to suggestions.