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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Three Month Round Up

Last Sunday was Harris' three month birthday. To celebrate he spent the entire day eating, peeing, playing and sleeping - wish my birthdays were like that. The day also marked his graduation from newborn status to infant.

So far he is proving to be fairly laid back. Oh sure he can be fussy, and sometimes he is just downright pissed-off, but his overall demeanor is pretty easy going. He adapts to just about anything we throw at him; parties, restaurants, hockey games, he doesn't even care when his diaper's wet. Although he just loves getting changed, but then again, what man doesn't like attention lavished in that area?

In fact there are only a few things I can think of that really send him over the edge; getting woken up, being strapped into the car seat (he's fine once he is in) and spending any time on his stomach. We try to flip him tummy-side a few times a day to help him develop motor skills, but after just a few seconds he starts bawling. Looks like his career as a -- what jobs do you do on your stomach? Well whatever they are he's not cut out for it.

He's now a little over 13 lbs and his weight gain has begun to taper to about half an ounce a day. He's also discovered his hands, and the cause and effect that pounding the crap out of a plush octopus will make it rattle. As well as how to hold things, and by grabbing onto a tentacle he can really make that octopus pay!

But the absolutely coolest thing of all so far is Harris is starting to laugh. He's been smiling for a few weeks, but up until now they were only accompanied by a squeal. Now we get a real laugh out of him. He's the greatest audience I've ever had. Corny as they are, all my jokes click with him.

Q: What do you call a bear with 20 lb testicles?
A: Genital Ben

Cracks him up everytime.