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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Half Year Round Up

It finally arrived. The Boy's six month birthday and his introduction to solid foods. Although I'd hardly call rice pablum 'solid', more like a ricey goo, but from his perspective it might as well be steak. As expected he ate almost none it, but at least he opened wide for four spoonfuls before turning away in disgust. Tomorrow we're hoping for five spoons and a bit more swallowing.

So here we are at the half-year mark, and lately I'm been catching myself looking at The Boy in awe. How amazing it is that P and I - and a nicely chilled bottle of Pinot Gris - managed to create this perfect little baby. And how it all comes together, one cell turns to two, then four, and before long cells start to specialize, becoming fingers, toes, eyes and ears. And how woeful it must be for the cells who get assigned anus duty; talk about drawing the short straw. Fascinating.

This also marks my 100th post to TJC. My intention is to keep this going until the day he walks up to me and says, "Dad, you're invading my privacy." What will I do then is anyone's guess, but that is still years away. At the very least I'll be able to hand him the files and say, "This was your first ## years from my perspective." Depending on his age he'll either really appreciate the journal, or throw a tantrum. Either way I hope to get a reaction. Say... that would make good fodder for a blog entry.

I'm sticking to my resolution to learn the guitar and sing to The Boy. Singing isn't the problem, guitar is another matter. The challenge for a beginner like me is that most nursery rhymes use a lot of bar chords. What the hell was Mother Goose thinking? Geeze lady, I'm not looking to rock out an arena, I just want to play some of your stupid songs to my son. Anyways, he does seem to enjoy our little concerts, bouncing and smiling to the rhythm, and he doesn't mind it when I screw up, which still happens a lot. Although I'd better improve my playing in the next few months, otherwise his first words won't be "Ma Ma" or "Da Da", it'll be "You Suck."

The Boy is now a few ounces over sixteen pounds, and he's really beginning get a good "chub" on, fattening out in his arms, cheeks and legs. He's become an expert at rolling over and back (one way at least, to the right) and starting to support himself while sitting. The drooling continues, but still no sign of teeth just yet. As for sleep, after a two month hiatus he's finally starting to sleep through the night again - yay! Of all his recent developments, I'd say that one pleases me the most.