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Friday, March 24, 2006

Seven Month Review

A couple weeks late, but here's what's been happening in The Boy's world - Cole's Notes version.

  • He's now about 19 pounds.

  • He has eczema under his armpits and appears to have inherited P's sensitive skin. Our doctor has recommended we moisturize his skin after every bath. "I would have suggested that earlier, but moisturizing his whole body just seems so gay, and I'm not gay." You're not? You mean that hernia test you gave me was for real?!?

  • Our poor little guy has four upper teeth coming in at the same time - ouch! His first two lower teeth weren't too much of a problem, but these four are giving him fits especially at night. It's been better the last few days, but before then it was a long stretch of sleepless nights.

  • Suddenly out of the blue The Boy hates putting on a shirt. The tears, the screaming, the flailing. Then once we get the shirt buttoned it's all sunshine and lollipops again.

  • We had him remeasured and he's no longer short.

  • The Boy eats everything we've thrown into his mouth so far, except the unripe Kiwi. If you've never seen a baby pucker before, give unripe Kiwi a whirl, it's actually kind of cute.

  • Here's my favourite picture from last month