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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nine Month Review

Today is The Boy's nine month birthday, so I figured I should come out from under my rock and get posting again. Why has it been so tough for me to blog lately? Let' me count the ways.

1) Work
My plate has been loaded full at work recently. I'm talking "Spilling over onto the tray and touching the dessert" full. I used to be able to rip a post off over lunch, but lately I'm stuffing my cake-hole at my desk between answering emails or reading documents. I like the work I do, and I like being busy, but it seriously cuts into Bloggin' time.

2) Attention-hungry, ego-centric baby in our home
Work is only part of it, obviously. The Boy eats up a lot of my time. He wants attention and we're happy to give it. I find hanging out with him a great way to unwind, but it leaves little free time between rounds of "Me! Me! It's all about me!". Most nights lately I don't even crack open my Powerbook to check email, let alone blog.

3) Exhaustion
So all this leaves me tired (cry me a river dude; welcome to parenthood). After The Boy is put to bed, dinner is finished and the kitchen cleaned I can spend my 10 minutes of free time writing, or tuning out on the couch. Lately I've opted for the latter.

4) Muse
I lost if for a while. I just couldn't seem to come up with anything I wanted to write about. I think it has to do with the fact that The Boy's been in cruise control the last couple months. He's not crawling, so he hasn't embarked on any amazing adventures into the compost tub, cat box or lard barrel. P says he's so predictable lately you could even set your clock to his bowel movements - our son, the shit powered clock.

So each day is like previous one, he sits, plays, eats, sleeps and craps. Not a lot of subject matter in there. Not to say there haven't been a lot of cool developments, there's been tons.

My two favourites developments have got to be hand clapping and playing catch; the first two (and possibly the last two) things that I've actually managed to teach him. Weeks of holding his hands and clapping them together have paid off. Now he can't get enough of it. P or I start clapping and he joins in, it's also his new 'happy' gesture. Playing catch is just as fun. The Boy will pick up his big rubber ball and throw it at me, and I throw it back. He loves this game. Now if I can only get him to put his weight behind it, he's have a wicked Fast-ball.

He's a couple ounces over 20 pounds now and still not crawling. The Boy's content to stay in Larva stage for a while longer it seems. He'll reach for toys, but if they're too far away he doesn't get frustrated and trying to move towards it, he'll just go from something closer, or look up at me with some sort of, "Hey buddy, want to bring that here" look. Personally I think he'll never crawl and go straight to walking, P doesn't think so.