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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bonjour du Québec Pt. Trois

Okay, so we're techinically in Ontario...

We've arrived in Ottawa last night, the final stop on our little holiday before returning home. When arriving BTB (before The Boy) we'd usually check-in to our hotel, freshen up a bit then head out to some place cool for a late meal and a few drinks.

Of course now it's ATB (after The Boy), so this time we check-in, freshen up a bit, then head to the near-by liquor store and supermarket for take-out "Heat 'N Serve" entrees and a bottle of wine. Microwave food, wine in plastic cups and reruns of "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" on TV, oh how our travel habits have changed.

Oh before continuing, one piece of advice to future brides: When picking out your wedding dress, whatever you do, do NOT get a dress that makes your arms look like cuts of meat. The bride we watched on the show last night spent over $10,000 on a dress that made her biceps looked like two hams.

Anyways, despite getting out of our hotel later, coming back earlier, rarely eating a meal together and devoting large chunks of the day to The Boy it's been a great trip. Oh sure we didn't get to visit all the attractions we wanted to, or eat at all the recommended restaurants, or leisurely stroll all the galleries we wanted to, but The Boy was what made this trip so great.

Exasperating at times, exhausting at others, travelling with an active infant can be challenging. But watching him dance to acid-jazz in a tucked-away bistro, chasing birds on Parliament Hill or burning off energy at the Canadian Children's Museum (if you ever visit Ottawa with young kids, this stop is a must!) he brought huge smiles to our faces.

Thanks son, you've made this trip one of the best ones ever.

(Once we get back home, more trip reports to follow, some with pictures. Stay tuned.)