The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weaning Update

It's going better than we expected. P and I were bracing ourselves for weeks of tantrums and sadness, but after just seven days he's almost weaned. There have been challenging times, like the two hour cry-fest on Tuesday, but overall The Boy is beginning to forget P ever had boobs to begin with.

I have to admit I find weaning a heartbreaking process, especially early on. He looked so unloved and sad, we were tempted to just give in. And when he finally did take a sippy cup, it was like his spirit had been broken. Poor little guy.

But our perseverance has paid off. Yesterday morning he drank from his cup, ate his breakfast and then happily played all day. He still roots around P's chest from time to time, except now he can be more easily distracted.

A sidebar to the weaning process is an emerging battle between a brown teddy bear P and I call Rufus, and stuffed Panda Bear I named Gong Li. Looking for some alternative comfort during this tough process The Boy is leaning on the bears for support. I'm rooting for Gong Li to win his love (the de facto teddy bear of all Chinese babies), but it looks like he prefers hanging with Rufus. He already looks more Caucasian than Chinese, I guess this part of his Asian roots are not going to emerge either.

Come on boy, love the Panda. Do it for your Dad.