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Friday, November 17, 2006

15 Month Review

I haven't done one of these round-up reports for a while, so now's a good a time as any.

The Boy is doing great. He's a hefty 24 pounds, full of energy and a ton of fun. His growth seems to have hit a plateau for the time being, unfortunately though it has plateaued at the perfect nut-sacking height. Whenever he wants to be picked up he reaches up, grabs a handful of my crotch and pulls. It gets my attention, that's for sure.

He's also starting to say a few words, in both English and Chinese, which we find very cool. Words in his repertoire as of today:
  • Anan (Banana)

  • Ft Ft (Foot Foot, our cat)

  • No (Big surprise there, what kid doesn't know that word?
  • Uh Oh (When he drops something)
  • Bye Bye
  • Ma Ma

  • Da Da

  • Po Po (Chinese for Grandma)

  • Nie Nie (Chinese for milk)

  • Gnat Gnat (Chinese for burning, used to describe something hot)

  • Hoe Yeh (Chinese for Well Done) He also claps his hands when you say this to him

  • Wankle Rotary Engine (Heh Heh, just kidding. It's just that the word Wankle makes me giggle like a school girl)
The rest of the time he babbles. I'm really curious what language he's babbling in, but what's the difference I suppose. Given how much his babbling makes sense, it might as well be Scottish.

Talking aside, The Boy is growin' up fast, in particular his motor skills. No lid, button, latch or lever is safe anymore. He's figured out how to use the TV remote (and dammit, I wish he'd just pick a channel and watch it), open drawers and cabinets, screws lids on and off bottles, climb up and down stairs, and beats the living crap out of everything with his toy hammer. I wonder if I slip a steak under that hammer he could tenderize it for me - baby be useful.

On Wednesday it rained over 100 millimetres (that's 4 inches) in 18 hours here, causing power outages, flooding and general mayhem, so it goes without saying it's wet, wet, wet in Vancouver. So you'd think that we'd be able to find waterproof shoes for The Boy no problem. Guess again. It appears they don't make waterproof winter shoes in Infant Size 5 or Toddler Size 3, at least not that I can find. I've searched everywhere only be faced with shelves of shoes, runners and sandals, but not a rain boot in sight. I need warm and waterproof, not cute and comfortable. Hey shoe manufacturers, our babies don't stop walking in the winter! Unless The Boy suddenly grows clown feet, it's going to be a soggy season.

Rain boot update. Found a pair. At Sears in Victoria. We had to travel 80 km to find them, but considering we're about to get another dump of rain on Sunday, it's worth it.