The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Crappy Evening Made Perfect

Last night The Boy was a total asshole. Unintentionally I hope, but an asshole nevertheless. On Saturday he caught a cold from his pal Louis and yesterday it manifested itself into the form of a pissy-faced, cranky, clingy baby. The switch from Daylight Savings Time back to Pacific Standard Time didn't help either.

It was a long night dealing with a baby who was hungry but refused to eat, got frustrated easily and cried when one of us walked away. P and I never snapped at him, he's way to young to understand, but I have to admit deep down I wanted yell, "What is it? What the hell do you want?!?" Even though I would never actually say those things, these aren't the type of thoughts a "perfect" father is supposed to have, but I'm far from perfect. Anyway we just rode it out and did our best to change his mood.

After a full evening of this just I'm counting the minutes till he goes to bed. Then all of a sudden he walks up, looks me in the eye and utters "Da Da". Before this moment The Boy has never referred to me as anything other than "eh". I don't think my mood has ever changed so fast. Amazing how two simple words can erase an entire shitty evening.