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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is This A Transferable Skill?

When The Boy snacks he's got to use both hands. The first two pieces of snack (is snack even a proper noun?) go right in his mouth, then he needs to hold another two pieces while he chews. Just one piece isn't good enough, he'll mumble and point at snack until we pass him piece number two. "Two fisted snacking" we call it.

Is this a skill he can use when he grows up? For competitive eating maybe, but that's not really a "career". Whatever the skill transferability, it's sure cute to watch, and even more fun to say, because it sounds so naughty.

The three of us were in a restaurant on the weekend, eating and snacking as a family. I absentmindedly passed The Boy only one piece of snack, a move he responded immediately to with "Snack, more snack" gestures.

"He's a two fister" P exclaims. "Oh... I guess I shouldn't say that so loudly."

But again, it only sounds naughty.

"Don't worry about it," I say, "You said "He's a two fister" not "He likes fisting."

Now that's a statement that would turn a few heads.