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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Victory Is Mine!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who came to the conclusion that Wee Watch Vancouver was a crap organization. This email just arrived in my inbox today.

I saw your post about Michelle Thomson this morning and thought you might be interested in knowing that Wee Watch Vancouver has been shut down as of 8th December 2006.

I am a parent who actually had his child with a day care provider under the Wee-Watch. The provider is a great person, but we always had difficulties getting in touch with Michelle. When the provider went back to work we tried to get in touch with Michelle for a substitute. We eventually found a private day care not related to Wee Watch after not being able to hear from Michelle.

I'm happy for you you never had to deal with them. I'm sorry for all the providers who had their business put up with Wee Watch, and for all the parents who might still be stuck without daycare solutions for their children.

Not that I had anything to do with the shut down. It sounds like Wee Watch Vancouver had been on a downward slide for a while. I just hope Michelle doesn't surface somewhere else, pretending to actually give a shit about parents and their children.