The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey Lady!

This morning I dropped The Boy off at his babysitter/daycare. Another little boy, who I'll call "C" arrived at the same time with his mother, who I'll call, uh... "Antithesis Mom". Yeah, I think Antithesis Mom is an appropriate name without resorting to low brow name calling like Ma Pushy, or Mamma Bitchy, or Fat Ass Land Whale.

Aren't parents supposed set good examples for their children? With Antithesis Mom as role model, C is doomed to become an inconsiderate ass. Right off the bat AM was unfriendly. She glared at us as we got out of our car. When The Boy ran up, excited to see C, she glared again. I introduced myself and got short one word replies. "She's having a bad morning." I thought and let it go.

Then we got to the door.

The two boys ran inside and then AM proceeded to block the door. Okay sure, you need to talk to the daycare provider, but geeze, how about stepping inside or at least out of the way so I can say goodbye to my son? I am literally looking over her shoulder trying to talk to The Boy over her.

Yeah, yeah, I could have said excuse me, but do I have to? We both arrive at the door at the same time, we're both dropping off our kids, my son is calling me and I'm hanging off your shoulder. What part of that isn't obvious? Eventually I just turn around and leave.

To top if off, she's left her car idling, making sure she does her part for Global Warming. Fitting, considering her self-centered personality. When the water level eventually starts rising AM, I really hope you have waterfront property.

Oh, and how did our move go? I'll tell you in a minute.