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The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Friday, December 21, 2007

Daddy Draws The Line

When The Boy hurts himself, he can usually be "healed" with a pretend Band-Aid and a kiss.

The Boy: Waaa Waaa, I hurting.
Me: Here let me kiss it [kiss kiss]. Would you like a Band-Aid?
TB: Yeah.
Me: Okay [apply pretend Band-Aid]. All better?
TB: Better.

And he dashes off again. We have avoided many a cry-fest with this routine. It had zero drawbacks until last night in the bath, when The Boy sat on a plastic dinosaur.

TB: Ow. I hurt my bum-bum.
Me: Let put a Band-Aid on for you. [apply pretend Band-Aid].
TB: Kiss it.
Me: What?
TB: Kiss it.
Me: You want me to kiss your ass?
TB: Yeah.

And so I kissed my son's ass. Totally within the realm of normal parenting I think.

But if The Boy ever hurts his groin, I'm just going to let him cry.