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Friday, November 30, 2007

So to Speak

Couple of recent conversations with the Boy.

This one is between The Boy and his friend Milo.

They both go to the same daycare, and have become best buddies. Milo usually arrives before we do, so he's always at the door to greet us in the morning.

Yesterday Milo greets us with a scream and a giggle. This time though, instead of saying hello back, The Boy grins and flicks his tongue back and forth, "Leh-leh-leh-leh-leh". This is apparently okay as the two dash inside and start playing.

When I was a kid we had secret handshakes. The way kids talk these days, I tell you...

Later that night P and I ask The Boy how his day went.

The Boy: Milo hurting.

P: How come?

TB: I push him. Milo crying.

P: That's not very nice. Did you say sorry?

TB: I say sorry.

P: Did you kiss his boo-boo?

TB: I kiss his boo-boo.

P: Are you just repeating everything I say?

TB: [pause] Yes.

We still not sure which part of the story to believe, and I have this feeling he'll never tell us.