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Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Not What You Think

Despite what it looks like The Boy isn't part of some Toddler Terrorist Camp, unless you call a snotty nose an act of terror. Thankfully we live in Canada, because Homeland Security would have busted our door down by now.

The gun belonged to his friend, but because P and I have so far refused to buy him anything that remotely resembles a gun, he picked it up and wouldn't let go. We hated the stupid thing, but it was the last thing he touched at night and the first thing he looked for next morning.

Sometimes we think we should just cave get him a toy gun. I mean millions of kids play with guns, and only a tiny percentage grow up to be card-carrying NRA crackpots, or Sarah Palin. But actually it's not our dislike of guns that stops us so much, it's The Boy's disturbingly aggressive style of play.

We think it has a lot to do with his previous daycare, where he and his friends got to beat the snot out of each other all day long, but when The Boy plays it's definitely hands-on; hand-on other kids that is. Pushing, shouldering, and tackling are just a part of his playtime repertoire, giving him a toy gun would just make it worse. He gotten a lot better since he started his new daycare (update on that coming soon), but until he plays less touchy we are not buying him any type of gun.

Guns aside, our recent camping trip was a huge success. Now I can see why so many families do it - the woods are like a huge playground, with campfires and liquor. (Now that I think about it, so are most of the playgrounds in East Vancouver, but that's another story.) Plus the kids run themselves stupid in the woods all day and go to bed early at night. Yup, camping is in the plans next summer.

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