The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mad Harry Vane

Yesterday The Boy and I went winter clothes shopping. I'm not usually this proactive, but good luck finding decent warm clothes when the weather actually turns cold.

The Boy wasn't in much of a shopping mood, so I was really pumping it up! "You're going to get some polypro long johns. Cool huh?"

No dice. I kept it up.

"And you can choose a toque for yourself."

"I don't want a toque!"

"What do you mean? Toques are the best."

"I DON'T want a TOQUE!"

(He doesn't actually know what a toque is, so maybe this can still work.) "Okay, no toque. What kind of hat do you want?"

"I want a Pirate Hat."

Pirate hat? Where the hell did that come from? It was International Talk Like a Pirate Day but I was on a toque quest. "Let's uh... see what they have."

As expected no woolen, knitted pirate hats. "Y'know some of the fiercest pirates in the sea wore wool caps with pom-poms." And the next 20 minutes were spent trying to convince him.

"Pirates love stripes. Try on this striped hat."

"No." "Frogs?" "No." "Swirls?" "No." "Solid green?"

I was just about to give up when on the very bottom rack I saw...

He loved it, and thankfully put him in good mood for the rest of the shopping, because pirate winter underwear would have been impossible to find.