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The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

That Mohawk Looks Good On You.

I've kicked P and The Boy out of the house. Nine weeks after moving into our new home and we're still living in boxes. I just can't get anything done with The Boy running around. So yesterday I drove them to the airport and sent them packing to P's parents.

It's only a one hour flight to Prince George, but The Boy missed his morning nap, so short flight or not I was expecting a high altitude meltdown. When P to call me last night I braced myself for tears (her's). Instead it turns out he was an absolute angel. Playing peek-a-boo with the person behind, and trying to pull the hat off the guy sitting in front. "Very cute." according to P. Once again The Boy's easy-going nature surprises.

I remember telling my friend Brock how easy The Boy was. His response? "My mother said I was an easy baby too, and then became a punk rocker. I think I was a bit of a disappointment growing up." Let's see, Brock is a great songwriter and guitarist, an animator and has played music most of his life. Y'know The Boy could do a lot worse.

But this got me to thinking, what would be a disappointment to me?
  • Punk rocker? Hey kid, I've got an old leather you can wear.
  • Join a band? Let me book you a few gigs.
  • Going on tour? I'll help you get the van ready.
  • 38 years old, living in our basement playing X-Box? Well, maybe.
No becoming a music obsessed, teenage rocker would actually make me proud. On the other hand if he became the president of the Young Conservatives of Canada - that would be a disappointment. Having said that, Johnny Ramone supports George W Bush; whew never saw that coming.

Does he have to mirror my opinions in order for me to be proud of him? Of course not, he's his own person. As long as his views don't cause anyone harm, I would never chide him for having a different opinion than me. Like any parent, I think I could be disappointed and love him all the same.