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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick Update

A lazy post today. Been too busy to write anything.

The Boy's new favourite game is Donkey Kong, where he's Kong and P and I are Mario and Luigi respectively. The game consists of him sitting halfway up the stairs and hurling rolls of toilet paper at us. I've tried the game the other way around, but after getting a few rolls square in the face, he has a definite preference for Kong.

Last summer he was Frogger, now it's Donkey Kong. What's next? Gorf? Centipede? At least it's not Leisure Suit Larry, because that would make him lame.

Speaking of Mario, check out this cute stop-action Marioland created entirely from Lego. The theme is played on a recorder, and someone going "Wheet" is the extent of the sound effects. Wonder if I can teach The Boy to do this with his Mega-Blocks. Thanks to Wonderland for discovering this.

And here are some new words he's learned this month:

Gonat - Goodnight
Apapay - Papaya
A book
A duck
I don't know (done in conjunction with a shoulder shrug - adorable)
All Wet
All Done

and in Cantonese:

Mein Bow - Bread
Gay Daan - Egg
Huck Ma Ma - Dark, as in the lights are out
Dung - A light or lamp