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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Cross Canadians Must Bear

Funny defined: Things that make me laugh.

It's become apparent no one at the venerable Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada's national broadcaster) shares my definition.

I don't understand how the executives at the CBC can watch an episode of the Royal Canadian Air Farce and think to themselves, "Now this is comedic gold." Easily the least funny program to ever to make it on television, the Air Farce ranks up there with Schindler's List in terms of humour. Even their promo picture makes me sad.

Oh sure, they're a Canadian institution, around since the 70's, but that is no excuse to keep them on the air. No wonder the CBC loses money year after year, make better programming choices! Dumping money into a show just because it's tradition is like masturbating to Sesame Street - it doesn't make any sense.

No wonder the rest of the world doesn't take the Canadian entertainment industry seriously. First we unleash the diva/mongoose known as Celine Dion onto the world, and now the Air Farce celebrates its 300th episode.

A comedy troupe should be funny, the Air Farce is not.

Now this Japanese Game Show. This is funny.