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Monday, April 02, 2007

Get Suspenders Dude

Yesterday The Boy and I met P downtown for lunch at The Templeton, a fun diner-style restaurant downtown. Typical diner layout, long and narrow with booths and stools along the counter comprising all the seating options; in other words, not stroller or highchair friendly. Even though the place is one of our favourite spots, we avoided coming here for that very reason, there was no place for The Boy. Now verging on 20 months, he could kneel in the booth and chow at the table with us.

Templeton, we're back.

As we headed towards the restaurant, The Boy fell asleep. Uh oh, now what? Fortunately the staff let us leave him in the stroller next to the jukebox, and fortunately no one plugged the jukebox full of coin. We got a seat in the adjacent booth and settled in for our first meal here in over a year and a half.

Then this guy sat down.

Holy ass-crack!

Check please!