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The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Friday, July 13, 2007

Living in the Suburbs Means #4...


I live among the gifted, and every morning at my bus stop I bear witness to this gift. My bus stop is at the end of a long curve in the road, so you can't actually see the bus coming until it's pretty much there. But despite this limited sightline, a few of my fellow commuters are able to predict when the bus will arrive and step up to the curb 5-10 seconds before anyone else.

I've racked my brain trying to figure out how they do it. Is there a reflection off a car window? A specific noise? I have stood in the exact same spot as them, focusing my eyes as far down the road as I can, but nothing, I can't figure it out. After a year of watching this, I've concluded this is nothing short of paranormal.

As clairvoyants go, I'd say these people are pretty far down the ESP hierarchy; it's not like they're solving crimes or predicting lotto numbers. And aside from getting onto the bus a bit sooner, there's really not much else their special gift is good for, except maybe if you're out with one of them and try to cross the street without looking both ways:

"Wait... don't move... not safe... getting a vision... bus coming."

Still, I'm jealous.