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Friday, February 15, 2008

And Then There Were 10

We're almost completely moved in! We're down to the final 10 boxes inside our new house (the garage on the other hand... I've lost count). Garage aside, I think we've done pretty good. It's been exhausting, but we're almost completely settled. Still need a few things, most noticably curtains. I probably shouldn't linger by the window each morning stretchin' and scratchin', but I figure that's the best way to get to know our new neighbours. Or at least for the new neighbours to get to know me.

This last move was our fourth in six years, way too much if you ask me, but we are finally home. Off all the places we've lived in the past decade, this house feels right. We like the layout, the neighbourhood, the shops, the parks; we could use a bit more storage space, but that's a small concession in the grand scheme of things.

And The Boy loves the house. After a rocky first night ("I want to go home." We are home. "No, this is NOT my home. I WANT to go home.") he's settled nicely. He's got a decent sized yard to run around in, and the open layout means he can keep an eye on us from just about anywhere. It means we can see him too, win-win.