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Monday, February 18, 2008

Moving Out of the Suburbs Means... #2


It's completely counter-intuitive. Aren't the suburbs are supposed to be overrun with kids?

Maybe it was just my pocket of Champlain Heights. Maybe them "Country Folk" had us pegged as "City Folk". Maybe I'm full of shit. Whatever the reason, in the year and half we lived out there we met a total of one other family.

In just a couple of hours at the the local park yesterday I met four other parents and The Boy played with five other kids. That afternoon P and The Boy went to another nearby park, met another parent and The Boy made another new friend.

He is going to be an only-child, so having other kids in the neighbourhood for him to play with is important.

Proximity to shops, cafes and people who breathe more than two breaths a minute aside, THIS is the main reason we moved back into the city.