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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flushable Diapers

"Look Harris, we put your poo and pee in this here ceramic receptacle, then we flush. Now try it without your diaper. "

Toilet training technique of the future? Doubt it, but I am excited about gDiapers, an Australian diaper that you can flush down the toilet, or compost in your garden. The company's website is bit over enthusiastic, but if you read past that there's a good concept here, one I'd love to try. They've just set-up shop in North America, but who knows when they'll make it to Canada.

Patty and I still really like using cloth diapers, and the boy doesn't mind them either. But when we're travelling cloth becomes a pain in the ass, yet we hate the thought of tossing diapers in the trash. gDiapers seem like the perfect solution for us.

According to their website, decomposition appears to rely on there being a sewage treatment facility in the city. So people in Victoria you're sh*t out of luck, literally.

Thanks to DaddyTypes for the gDiaper news.