The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Monday, November 28, 2005

What I'm Doing With My *Free* Time

The boy eats away at my time, but I am trying to squeeze a few hobbies in when I can.

After playing the drums for over 30 years - touring, recording and performing - I've decided to learn how to play the guitar. Not that I have dreams of becoming a great guitarist, I'm a drummer at heart (can't wait to get the boy his first pair of sticks!), I just want to play to Harris; I figure that wailing on my drumkit while singing "Wheels on the Bus" is a bad idea. It's going fairly well all in all. I have lots of guitar playing friends that have been helping me, and my friend William is also learning, so I have someone to commiserate with.

How's it going? Whenever I play to Harris he cries. Better keep practicing.

Before Harris was born I was in three bands, now that's been trimmed back to one, She Was The Law. Funny how things like this happen when a baby makes the scene. I took a three month hiatus right after his birth but back at it now. We'll probably start gigging again next year.

I've created a food photo and restaurant review site with friends William and Eric called, a site for posting pictures and reviews of your meals. Based on a road-trip I took 20 years ago, where I only photographed my food for two weeks. The site has been up for a couple months now, and we're already getting decent traffic. There's lots of room for improvement but it's just a hobby so it will take time to get it all running smoothly. If you have a chance, go take a look, submit a meal, we'd love your feedback. It's also a great excuse to take Harris to restaurants.

I'm also slowly learning to speak French. We want to enroll Harris in French Immersion when he starts school, and figured it would be a good idea of one of us could speak with him. I'm speaking Chinese to him at the moment. Patty's kind of supportive, "No wonder he doesn't smile at you as much, he doesn't understand you." Thanks honey.