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Friday, December 16, 2005

I Know What I Want for Christmas

I thought owning an Eddy Munster doll was great, but his throne has been usurped. Move over Eddy and make way for Donut Boy, just one of the brilliant characters from the mind of Swedish artist Mark Giglio.

Yea Christmas is all about the kids, so really I'm buying these "for Harris." The teddy bears, bunnies and other plushies are going in a box, I'm filling The Boy's room with all the FunFun Characters. Won't he be the coolest kid on the playground, clutching Donut Boy or Toast while the other kids have, phff... Elmo or something else lame.

And for me I want the Baby Be Useful series of board books from McSweeney's contributor Lisa Brown. They say you should be reading to your babies, why not mix in a little instruction too? Through colourful shapes and pictures you can show your baby how to make breakfast or mix a simple martini - I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

I've started putting money aside for The Boy's education, maybe I should reserve some for his therapy too - just in case.

Thanks a whole bunch to Daddy Types for the links and info!