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Thursday, December 08, 2005

ZZZ... ZZZ... ZZZ... Update Part 2

Good thing I never followed in my brother's footsteps - Dentist Extrodinaire - because it seems I wouldn't know a tooth if someone knocked mine out with a cricket bat. A quick visit to the dentist Tuesday revealed no teeth were emerging, so the drooling remains a mystery, as does the middle of the night crying.

A convening of the 'Community Health Nurse & Other Mothers' braintrust, also known as Mother/Baby Group Drop-in, produced these theories:

1) The Boy is thirsty. We sleep with our window open a crack, and the air cools the whole floor. So we put a small heater in his room. The heater dries the air, on top of the already dry winter air, and he wakes up parched.

2) The Boy is cold. We turned the heater up another degree and repositioned it.

Last night he went down at 10:30 pm, and was crying at 1:30 am. I fed him some water, soothed him and he slept from 1:55 to 8:00 am. Maybe we're onto something with this thirsty thing. We're getting a humidifier today.