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The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Baby Effect

The affect babies have on people still amazes me. If you mention your child in a conversation with another parent - instant bond. Even the childless see you in a different light when you mention you're a parent, it's like you've reached a new level of maturity, or they think you're crazy, never quite sure.

The other night Patty was busy, so I took Harris with me to my Co-Op's maintenance committee meeting. There we were, four grown men smitten by the boy, making faces and baby-talk between committee business.

"We need to clean the carpets in Unit 403. Googly, googly, googly."

"Uh... who is going to go snake Joey's toilet? Ah goooo, ah goooo ah gooooo."

If I knew about this affect effect earlier, I would have brought the boy to my last performance review at work.