The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's All Fun and Games

The Boy and I love tooting bugles, or more precisely plastic kitchen funnels. It's fun, we have a good time. He walks around the kitchen making Tah-Dah noises through the funnel and I mimic him. Sometimes the Boy lets me take the lead, but usually I get in about 15 seconds of "Funnel Chuck Mangione" before he decides that Tah-Dah is much, much better; can't really argue with him there.

Saturday was a particularly lively jam session, lots of laughing and Tah-Dahs. It's going great until The Boy suddenly punches the middle of my funnel, driving the fat part into my nose and the stem down my throat, then waddles off to the living room to play with his blocks.

P bowled over laughing when I told her about the '...till someone loses an eye' incident.

Last night The Boy was wheeling around the kitchen while we cooked dinner, waving a mini-whisk and making zoom-zoom noises. P can't resist the cuteness and picks him up for a hug; her first mistake. She cracks a big, wide smile; mistake number two. The smile is just wide enough for The Boy to ram the whisk into her mouth and swirl it around.

Who's laughing now?