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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let The Probing Begin

I ran into a friend at the doctor's office last week, a friend I'll call Andrew, because that's his name and I don't think he reads my blog anyways. If you email me, I'll also give you his address and cell number.

Andrew and his wife are going through the process of adopting a baby, a long and labourious process to access their suitability as parents. Things like criminal record checks, financial history and credit checks, as well as disciple styles, family support, upbringing, values and beliefs. Basically every part of their life is researched, evaluated and assessed; they are an open book. Even space aliens aren't this thorough! Mind you, in the aliens' defense, just how much can you learn from probing?

As much as the road to adoption is a long one, I recognize that the government is just trying to make sure that the children in their care are placed in the absolute best possible home, and for that they get my full support. The thing about Andrew's situation that got me thinking was - if they were having a natural child birth, no one would be accessing their abilities to be parents. What if through the adoption process they were deemed to be unfit to adopt, but suddenly found themselves expecting? Can that information be used to stop the pregnancy? I don't think so.

I'm not saying I want pregnancy to be regulated, that would be ridiculous. It's just unfortunate that unfit parents can be denied adopting a child, but no one can stop unfit parents from birthing a child.

Oh, for the record, I think Andrew and his wife will make great parents. Keeping my fingers crossed they'll get approved.