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Friday, August 03, 2007

Summertime, and the Bloggin' is Easy.

It's Summer, and my computer - as much as I adore him - isn't getting much love at the moment. The fish are jumping, the cotton is high, and BBQs and water parks beckon. When it's a choice between tilting a cool beverage and watching The Boy laugh himself sick in the wading pool, or sit in front of my laptop while Chef-Boy-R-Dee prepares dinner, option one wins every time. Besides, it rains 350 days a year in Vancouver, so if it's sunny and dry outside, I'm there.

Blogging? What's that?

Summer isn't the only thing that has kept me occupied though. The past nine weeks I've been going through the process of getting a new job, and I got it!. I'm the new Marketing Manager for a large Canadian not-for-profit. More money, more responsibility and more challenge. I can't wait to start.

Between Summer with The Boy and settling into my new work-digs, my posts are going to be pretty sporadic over the next few months.

Happy Summer Everyone!

(Except those of you living the Southern Hemisphere - for you, Bundle Up!)