The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Monday, January 22, 2007

A New Spread

Continuing down the road of healthy snacks we embarked on when The Boy was born, P discovered Sesame Yum-Yums at our local bagel shop. Unleavened bread and sesame seeds, The Boy loves them and sesame seeds are high in nutrition, so we feel good about giving them to him.

Thing is, sesame seeds don't really digest in the classic sense of the word; they pretty much pass through him whole. And you see, sesame seeds don't cling together in the classic sense either, each seed is fiercely independent. Even after being tossed together in what must be an awkward social situation - the colon, a sesame seed would rather go through as a loner than make any friends.

So after a day of Sesame Yum-Yum snacking The Boys poop doesn't come out solid, it's more like a crumbly paste; essentially The Boy is producing really poor quality Tahini. This would explain why P and I haven't had much appetite for Middle Eastern food lately.

What a mess! It's like he's been playing in a really disgusting sandbox; sesame seeds all over the change table. I used to think dried fruit was bad, but I'll take those over Sesame Yum-Yums any day.