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The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Friday, April 13, 2007

20 Month Report

Today The Boy turned 20 months old. He's 33" tall, weighs 26 lbs and still shits his pants. I usually don't buy into that baleful Friday the 13th crap - it's just another day to me - but today does bear some extra significance. Today we start toilet training.

We think The Boy is ready.
  • He runs off and hides when he's pooping, so he definitely knows when that's going on.
  • He's beginning to get a sense of when he pees.
  • He's becoming obsessed with being clean.
  • He'll say "Poo" or "No Poo" when we ask him
  • I'm sick of changing diapers
Is Friday the 13th a good day to start toilet training? If a hand reaches out of the potty and pulls me in, while bats fly out of his asshole, I'll consider that a set-back.