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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maybe it is an Unlucky Day

Well bats didn't come flying out of The Boy's ass, but this past Friday the 13th did have a its share of unfortunate events.

At 10 pm Friday night we took The Boy to the emergency room. He had a high fever and wouldn't settle down to sleep. Last time he had similar symptoms it turned out to be an ear infection. Rather than leaving him in pain until Monday we decided to go to the hospital.

Five hours and a catheter up his penis later, it turns out The Boy just had a nasty cold. P and I felt like total hypochondriacs. Five hours wasted at the hospital for a condition you treat with bed rest and nasal spray. The thing is, it looked like an ear infection to me. Now I'm worried the next time he's sick we'll think twice about taking him to the hospital. What if it's more serious? Gaaah!

So Linda Blair didn't appear in our living room spewing vomit on our walls this Friday the 13th, but considering how we spent the night, that would have been more entertaining.

We've decided to postpone potty training until The Boy's feeling better.

Sidebar: The Boy does appear to enjoy sitting on his potty. He'll merrily read a book and squat on the pot for 10-15 minutes at a time. Just like Dad!