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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How I Spent My Summer

Labour Day. The metaphorical end to summer, and the end to my self-imposed blogging hiatus. Not that I was posting daily to begin with, but at least I eating more adoxographic fiber before and writing somewhat regularly.

Anyways, the holidays are over so a few Summer highlights, in no particular order:

- I hosted nine toddlers, and survived. Actually The Boy's second birthday party was one of the most successful parties I've ever hosted, period. Not sure if this means I typically host shitty parties or not, but everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves this time around. I strategy was to keep the adults liquored and the kids in toys, and it worked. Laughs and smiles all afternoon. Liquor and toys, not just reserved for swingers' parties anymore.

- Happy Birthday drives The Boy to tears. We noticed it at a couple of the other birthday parties we went to, but P and I thought he'd out grow it by the time his birthday rolled around. No such luck, as soon as everyone started singing Happy Birthday he began to cry. We switched to Camptown Racers, which made him happy. It was his birthday after all.

- Someone fed The Boy corn, and apparently he likes it - a lot. A fact I only discovered the following morning.

- The Boy has found his fury. It's as if the day after his second birthday someone flicked on his tantrum switch. This comes as a huge surprise to us. He is typically a very happy boy, and for the most part he still is. But every now and then, without any warning, something doesn't go his way and the bawling begins. Our tactic has been to ooze with cheeriness and pretend the tantrum isn't happening, and so far it seems to be working. Wonder how long it will take before he figures it out.

- No matter how much we feed him, The Boy can not gain weight. This worries P and I a little bit, but he appears well nourished. He has a healthy appetite and boundless energy, but he is a total string-bean. This makes him hard to dress. If he wears pants that are the right length, they fall down. If the pants fit his waist, they're way too short. Do they make belts for toddlers, because he needs one.

Just a few of the recent happenings in The Boy's life. The rest of our summer was a combination of BBQs. playin', slackin' and fun in the sun. Hope everyone else had a good summer too.