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Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Wave Influence

We got the results back from the amniocentesis this week and I'm happy to report the results were excellent! No chromosome problems were detected, which is a big relief. An amnio also reveals the sex of the baby, but we've decided not to find out what that is in advance.

Patty was nervous heading in the morning of her amniocentesis, as the test essentially involves sticking a four inch needle into her stomach. We met with a nurse prior to the procedure to go over the possible risks. When she asked if Patty understood what Down Syndrome was, Patty quoted seminal 80's band Devo perfectly by uttering, "... it's one chromosome too many"; thus confirming my theory that what you don't learn in High School Science class you can learn from New Wave music.

Otherwise everything is going according to plan. Jasper is starting to kick, which is pretty cool. Patty is finding the extra weight throwing her off-balance, but she's managing. Getting off the couch is tough, but can't that be said for all of us?

Jasper is now 20 weeks old and, apparently, can hear Patty talking. If that's true he will be born cursing like a longshoreman.