The Jasper Chronicles

The Journal of a Cynical Dad

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Home Stretch

Home stretch! Three more weeks till due date, which is officially
August 6th. Patty is healthy and in really good spirits (except when
walking up inclines or stairs - then not so happy). Jasper is doing
well and getting an ample dose of Eels and Gomez through the portable
CD Player.

Patty is now on maternity leave. Our doctor strongly urged her to stop
work earlier rather than later, and if you've seen her lately you know
why - Jasper is going to be a big, big baby. She's spending her days
relaxing, reading, napping, swimming and not making dinner. As we get
closer talk inevitably turns to baby names, and sticking with tradition
we are not divulging what they are. But I can tell you a few they won't

Big Hungry Jake

Last Wednesday we both went to a Breast Feeding class at St. Paul's
hospital. Not totally sure why they asked the Dads to attend (really
mine DON'T work) but there we were. If you weren't a "Boob-Man" going
into the class, you are one when you leave. The next day we went and
got a Breast Pump so Patty can milk herself between feedings. I was
fascinated so naturally I gave it try. I now able to report that doesn't work as well on
men. All it did was leave me with a very unfortunate hicky, which is
going to be really tough to explain at the gym tomorrow.

Patty's pretty much in cruise control now, just waiting for the show to start.